Fitness really can be fun!

A warm welcome from Belinda Kerins, BSc Sports Science 

The idea behind Fun with Fitness is that you can develop and increase your own fitness levels at your own pace, in a safe, rewarding, social environment.

There are classes for all ages – our youngest is 4 years old and our oldest is 95.  We hope that we have provided suitable classes and clubs for anyone of any size, ability or fitness level.  No matter which class, you will feel the benefits within about three weeks, sometimes immediately!

For some people a gym can be intimidating; At Fun With Fitness the groups are very sociable and supportive – you’ll make new friends and grow in confidence. Hopefully providing an evironment that is far from intimidating.

  • I don’t believe in Diets – so you can throw away your scales!A healthy balanced lifestyle is the only way to go.
  • I think the “No Pain No Gain” principle is ridiculous.  Exercise should never hurt. Muscles can ache – that is fine but if it hurts then you are doing something wrong.
  • You will quickly find that exercising is very enjoyable and addictive. After any Fun With Fitness class you will be left with a real ‘feel good’ feeling.
  • There are lots of classes so hopefully there is something that will suit everyone. Some are set at 6 – 6.30pm to enable you to pop in on your way home from work, that way you won’t even notice the time because you will still have the rest of your evening! And if all else fails and your timetable is anti-social there is always personal training.
  • My classes are socially active and we regularly meet to go out for meals and drinks.
  • Hospital referrals are accepted.
  • Belinda specialises in Injury and illness rehabilitation

Because Belinda is a Sports Scientist, she knows it’s important to keep up to date with current research.  As part of her duty to maintain the most up to date knowledge, Belinda subscribes to  Sportex – a publication dedicated to bringing together all the current research that is vital to sport and exercise science.  As part of her continued personal development, she regularly attends training courses in Pilates and Massage.

The Studio

…..Fun With Fitness finally has its own premises.

We have moved into our own fitness studio, with an on site therapy suite. Fitted out as a comfortable, relaxing and safe atmosphere in order to get the most out of our exercise session. With the new studio comes greater flexibility in the classes we can offer so please see the latest timetable for the new opportunities.


The studio is located at:

Unit A10
Moorside Business Park


What I believe in:
  • Self Worth and Self Esteem.
  • Anyone can do it – that includes you!
  • Never Diet – throw away your scales!
  • Eat and enjoy your food, stop calorie counting! Healthy eating is the only way!
  • Don’t cut your food to suit your exercise – adjust your exercise to your food intake
  • Remain Positive and Support Each Other.
  • There’s no pressure to perform.
  • No Pain – if it hurts, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Everyone’s Important – what you feel matters.
  • You are never too old!
  • You are never too large!
  • You are never too unfit!
  • Exercise should be an enjoyable hobby.
  • The focus should be on fitness and not on size – health and fitness matters!