Hiking and Walking Group

Hiking Groups in Colchester

We have started a new group that meets once a month at the weekend. It is a fast walking group that does a mixture of country and road walks. The group averages about 10 miles each session but will decrease in miles slightly to allow any new members to increase their stamina to 10 miles. We will also increase mileage
when training for a longer distance event.

We meet on the 1st Saturday in every month at 9am.

If you let us know that you are coming we will let you know details of:

  1. The meeting point
  2. The type of terrain (road or countryside)
  3. The distance

Walking Essex

These journeys can involve a train or bus ride to get to or from different places and don’t need to be Colchester – although we don’t wish for it to take up the whole day, perhaps allowing 3 or 4 hours.

It is recommended that everyone in the group does regular short walks of 3/5 miles 2 or 3 times a week to keep themselves fit enough to walk at a reasonable pace. Fun With Fitness Walking groups walk 3 miles on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6pm. If you come along you will get a chance to work on your speed.

Walking around Colchester and Further Afield!

We will train for different walking events, like the Shine walk, the Yorkshire 3 peaks, some of the Lake District hills and maybe even Ben Nevis or Snowden. Although no one will be obliged to join in these events you can come to the group purely to enjoy the walking, company and fitness benefits.

Our first walk was on November 1st 2014. Let Belinda or Janet know if you would like to be a member of this group.