Get it Over With Sessions

Some people prefer to exercise in the morning and leave the rest of the day free.

Zumba in Colchester

Our Zumba class is designed to get you wiggling and shimmying, hopefully getting parts of you moving that have not wiggled for a while. It is fun and light-hearted.

You simply copy the instructor. It does not matter if you have no sense of rhythm or if you think that you cannot dance. If you can move and laugh then this is the class for you. If you muddle up the steps or go the wrong way, it all adds to the humour and fun of the class.

Suitable for all ages, sizes and abilities.

Note: our evening Zumba class has children in it too.

Tums and Bums in Colchester

Our ‘Tums & Bums’ class is one of our Toning & Strengthening classes,  designed to focus on the most troublesome areas. We spend 60 minutes concentrating on exercises to firm up the bottom and tummy. All of the exercises are simple and can easily be performed at home during the week as well. This is a very effective toning & strengthening session.

HIT Training in Colchester

Our Healthy HIT class is designed to encourage weight loss. It is a really great way to keep fit. Every exercise is performed for 1 minute of your maximum capacity (as many as you can). A minute sounds easy but when you are performing some of our exercises it seems like a lifetime. You record you score each week and watch yourself improving. Targeting all areas: Stomach, arms, legs, bottom, lungs and your heart.

Step Aerobics in Colchester

This class is guaranteed to give you a heart pumping, sweaty workout. Great for encouraging weight loss. It is a fun and energetic way to start your day.

Aerobics classes in Colchester

The Aerobics class is great fun. Our aerobics class is different to most – we designed it to be easy to follow without any difficult steps or the need for you to count. Our aim is to keep you moving, jumping, turning and skipping for 45 minutes. If you want a good hard cardiovascular (heart pumping) exercise then our aerobics is for you. We finish the class with 15 minutes of lovely stretches for the whole body.

Pick a good mixture of toning and cardiovascular exercise classes at 9.30am each weekday in the Fun With Fitness Studio.