Personal Training

Looking for a Personal Trainer in Colchester?

If you need a little more support to help you with your plan to improve your fitness, then why not consider a personal training session?  During the session, you will be able to ask Belinda all your questions on a one-to-one basis and develop your own, personal fitness plan unique to your specific needs.

Personal Training Session in Colchester

Why Personal Training?

Personal training can be a benefit for many reasons:

  • If you are embarrassed about exercising with others
  • If you want one to one tailor-made exercise
  • If the class times are unsuitable for you
  • If you want training or coaching for a specific sport
  • If you want lifestyle coaching (nutrition and exercise combined)
  • Cultural reasons (certain religions do not allow exercising in public, or in front of men)
  • If you are worried because your fitness level is very poor, or you are very overweight.
  • If you know that you need more support in order to stick to your lifestyle change

Belinda giving a personal training session

Why not start with a few personal training sessions to give you confidence and get you going before you join the classes?

Belinda Searle Personal Training Colchester

Benefits of having a Personal Trainer

What you will get out of a personal training session:

  • Goal-centred focus – Short-term and long-term goals
  • Recorded results
  • Quick results:
    • Improve your muscle strength
    • Tone your muscles, helping with loose skin
    • Get back your pre-baby body, or even ‘BETTER’ your pre-baby body
    • Improve your balance
    • Increase your flexibility
    • Increase your stamina and “staying power”
    • Reduce your risk of Heart Disease
    • Improve your blood sugar /  insulin level if you are diabetic
    • Regain movement after an injury or accident
    • Help with depression and other mental illnesses

How much does it cost for Personal Training?

Sessions are charged at £45 per hour. Contact Belinda for more information.