Running and Jogging Club

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The courses are set at around 3 miles and in the summer take in some beautiful scenery around the Colchester area including the Castle Park, Abbey Fields and the Wivenhoe trail. In the winter, however, we stick to the roads which is not so beautiful but necessary on the dark nights.The Running / Jogging club is a group activity.  All members are placed in pairs or groups of similar ability, so no-one is on their own and everyone is safe.  I stay with the slowest members to make sure that they’re alright and to pass on to them any tips that might make their running easier.loo loo 058

By joining this class, you will quickly reap the benefits.  Week on Week you will experience an improvement in your fitness.  Members generally experience a good weight loss, if this is what they are looking to achieve.

Kate said: Belinda has been a real inspiration.  Yes the classes are fun and friendly but all the while Belinda gives nuggets of wisdom. I feel that for first time ever someone has actually taught me how to run and made me feel enthusiastic and able.
What I believe in:
  • Most people can run or jog
  • Belinda specialises in sorting out aches and pains that come about when people start running.
  • You can run alone or in a group
  • Running is a skill that needs to be learnt, improved and worked on
  • There are specific techniques that make running easier
  • If set about correctly, injuries can be strengthened to get you up and running again.

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How the Running/Jogging class will help you:
  • Running is one of the most therapeutic sports
  • Running improves your posture and physique
  • Running increases your energy level
  • Increases Stamina
  • Increases muscle tone
  • Increases aerobic fitness
  • Loss of depression
  • Gaining of new friends
  • Fun Nights out

If you have always wanted to run but it hurts your knees, hips, or your shins or even the bottom of your feet, talk to Belinda and the chances are she will be able to sort it out and get you up and running in no time!

When are the Running / Jogging classes?

*Please see Timetable*