Seated Aerobics

Longevity is pointless unless it is coupled with quality of life.  Very few of us want to live a long life where we are unable to be self sufficient.Exercise can be the key to self-sufficiency!

Seated Aerobics is a gentle exercise plan aimed at the over 60’s or those with reduced mobility. You’ll notice the difference within 3 weeks.  The class concentrates on strength, toning and flexibility.  Belinda tailors each class to suit the individuals present. For those that are a bit stronger, Belinda can give you different Strength bands so that no matter what your strength and fitness level, your needs will be catered for.

Seated Aerobics for the over 60's
Seated Aerobics for the over 60’s

It is good for reducing the risks of Cardio-Vascular illnesses including Strokes and Heart Disease. It can also reduce the risks of diabetes. It also helps individuals recover and regain mobility and strength after age-related illness, but anyone will benefit from this session.

Seated Aerobics
Seated Aerobics

The level of exercise is so gentle that you won’t feel as if you’ve done anything, but, within a few sessions, you’ll find that the results are outstanding!

Val Says: After just a few sessions at the seated exercise class, my knees stopped hurting. It has been great fun and has got rid of my aches and pains.

We start every session with a fun game to get us in a relaxed and fun state of mind.

Jenny Says: Excellent, friendly class – ideal for anyone new to an exercise class & who doesn’t wish to embrace the lycra and gym scene!

This session helps to reverse the signs of ageing. Many of the exercises are similar to those recommended by Physio departments in hospitals. Benefits include:


How you will benefit from the Seated Aerobics class:
  • Improved Balance
  • Increased strength
  • Increased range of movement
  • Reduced effect of Arthritis
  • Improves strength in stroke-weakened side
  • Improves lung capacity and function for sufferers of Asthma and other respiratory disorders.
  • Increases circulation in all parts of the body.
  • Reduces swollen ankles by increasing blood flow
  • Ideal for those with replacement joints
  • Helps relieve aches and pains
  • Makes getting up in the morning less painful
  • Increases brain activity which helps with memory
  • Socially interactive which helps with a feeling of well-being

When is the Seated Aerobics class?

*Please see timetable*

What to bring: Comfy clothes – you can wear a loose skirt if you prefer, but trousers tend to be better.  Bring soft shoes and a bottle of water but you won’t need a towel.

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