Special Over 60s Exercise Sessions in Colchester

We offer a specialised range of classes set at slightly gentler pace – ideally suited to people who may be experiencing less mobility, problems with balance, or other health issues commonly associated with age.

The motto of these sessions is ‘Over 60s – but Young at Heart’, which perfectly defines the attitude that you can adopt.  Each weekday we offer a time slot dedicated to this type of exercise at 11am.

Seated Exercise classes in Colchester

This class is suitable for all abilities. We can make all of the exercises harder for those needing an extra challenge and we can also take them down a level for anyone needing to start a bit more gently.

Strengthening Joinst and Improving Muscle Tone
Strengthening Joinst and Improving Muscle Tone

This class is great for muscle building/toning & strengthening. It will help reduce the risk of falls and enable all its participants to feel a bit more hopeful that it is not all downhill from now on in, but in fact there is still room and time for improvement.

Over 60s Pilates classes in Colchester

This might be a class for the mature among you but it is also a class where you will see a great show of strength and stamina – building core strength and correcting bad posture and habits. It can help with weak pelvic floor muscles and back ache.

Balancing and Strengthening

On a Wednesday we focus on balance and stamina. The class is done standing up. There is always a chair beside you, which you can hold onto should you need it, until your balance and confidence improves enough to be without it.

Everything in this class is designed to prevent the likelihood of falls and tripping but we always throw in some arm exercises and some walking too.

Over-60s Toning & Strengthening in Colchester

This class starts at 10.30am and is a circuit training class where you can work at your own pace and can use a chair to help you down and up off of the floor if you need to.

This is a fun class, you have a record chart to keep a note of how much your fitness levels are improving as the weeks go on. This class is open to all ages because the young and fitter ladies and gents can work that much harder, providing a good workout for all.

Walking for the Over-60s in Colchester

This class begins at 10.30am and we head out for a 3 mile walk around the local park.path-18197_1280

You don’t have to be able to walk 3 miles to join.

Everyone walks at their own pace. There are benches to rest on when you need a rest. We have really fast walkers for those needing a challenge and those who are slower are never left alone.

The idea is that you build up to walking 3 miles at a nice fast pace, regardless of your starting level of fitness. We would hope that you will feel refreshed as well as challenged.

Above all, remember…

All our over 60’s classes are light-hearted and fun but reap real health benefits! It is not much fun living until a ripe old age if you are not self-sufficient and mobile and it is never too late to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging.