Circuit Training a.k.a. Toning and Groaning

Toning and Strengthening Classes in Colchester are based on Circuit Training, but have a little extra thrown in.  Affectionately re-named Toning and Groaning by the regulars, this class is certainly fun.

Toning and Strengthening – Improving General Fitness

This session is similar to circuit training. Like all my classes, this session is ideal for people of all ages; all abilities, all weights and all sizes, including those with reduced flexibility, aches and pains and sports injuries. Even if you have stopped exercise due to an injury, illness or depression, this class can help you start again where you are and enable you to build up at your own pace with tangible goals and measured results.

You will keep a record of your exercises on your own progress chart, so that you can track your improvements and strength gains. Very quickly, you will become stronger and more toned. In particular, you will notice that you have better balance, increased flexibility, an improved posture and more strength.

The equipment we use includes:

  • Wobble Boards
  • Bands and Hoops
  • Steps
  • Skipping Ropes
  • Free Weights and Wrist and Ankle Weights
  • A Sit-up machine
  • Waist Twisters
  • Aerobic/Medicine Balls and soft balls
  • Rollers

Benefits of Circuit Training in Colchester

By taking the Toning and Strengthening class, you will:

  • Improve your muscle strength
  • Tone your muscles, helping with loose skin
  • Get back your pre-baby body, or ‘better’ your pre-baby body
  • Improve your balance
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Increase your stamina and “staying power”
  • Reduce your risk of Heart Disease
  • Improve your blood sugar / insulin level if you are diabetic
  • Regain movement after an injury or accident
  • Help with depression and other mental illnesses
  • Make new friends